SharePoint: SPSiteDataQuery/CQWP ServerTemplate List

This is a relatively compete list of ServerTemplate values used to create the Lists element value used to set the┬áLists property of the SPSiteDataQuery object, which is also used by the Content Query Web Part. The Lists element; The ServerTemplate values; 100 Generic List 101 Document Library 102 Survey 103 Links List 104 Announcements List … Continue reading SharePoint: SPSiteDataQuery/CQWP ServerTemplate List

XSL Transformation with SPSiteDataQuery

This post demonstrates how to take the data returned from an SPSiteDataQuery query, convert it to XML and then to transform the XML using XSLT for presentation. The features described in this post include; A basic XSLT transformation stylesheet Loading an XSLT transformation stylesheet from the content database Supplying parameters to the XSLT transformation engine … Continue reading XSL Transformation with SPSiteDataQuery

SPSiteDataQuery and the EncodedAbsUrl hidden field.

When using SPSiteDataQuery among the fields you can ask to be returned is a field called EncodedAbsUrl. This field according to the documentation and public opinion is supposed to return the complete URL of the item in question. Many people have noted, however, that the value returned for this field is truncated at the server … Continue reading SPSiteDataQuery and the EncodedAbsUrl hidden field.