Unable to attach to application “WebDev.Websever.EXE”

Had this problem the other day when trying to debug an ASP.NET web application, after hitting F5, a message box pops up saying “Unable to attach to application ‘WebDev.Webserver.EXE’ (PID:xxxxx) using {my machine name}”. Had me for a while, untill I decide to disable my AV software at which point it starts to work again. … Continue reading Unable to attach to application “WebDev.Websever.EXE”

Debugging .NET Serialization Code

Just what is your XmlSerializer doing? You can find out by debugging the serialization code which is generated automatically at runtime; 1. Modify your .config file to include the following snippet 2. Rebuild your code and set a breakpoint on or just after where you create an instance of the XmlSerializer, but before you call … Continue reading Debugging .NET Serialization Code

Unable to run tests in VS 2008 Unit Testing

Had a problem today trying to run tests in Visual Studio 2008, where the test run would complete saying that all tests were not executed. A look in the test run details shoed the following error message; “Code coverage collection error: The Visual Studio performance and coverage logging engine is already running on the computer. … Continue reading Unable to run tests in VS 2008 Unit Testing