SharePoint: SPSiteDataQuery/CQWP ServerTemplate List

This is a relatively compete list of ServerTemplate values used to create the Lists element value used to set the Lists property of the SPSiteDataQuery object, which is also used by the Content Query Web Part.

The Lists element;

<Lists ServerTemplate='100'/>

The ServerTemplate values;

100 Generic List
101 Document Library
102 Survey
103 Links List
104 Announcements List
105 Contacts List
106 Events List
107 Tasks List
108 Discussion Board
109 Picture Library
110 DataSources
111 SiteTemplate Gallery
112 UserInformation List
113 Web Part Gallery
114 ListTemplate Gallery
115 XmlForm Library
116 Master Pages Gallery
117 NoCode Workflows
118 Custom Workflow Process
119 WikiPage Library
120 Custom Grid For A List
130 DataConnection Library
140 Workflow History
150 GanttTasks List
200 MeetingSeries List
201 MeetingAgenda List
202 MeetingAttendees List
204 MeetingDecisions List
207 MeetingObjectives List
210 Meeting TextBox
211 Meeting Things To Bring List
212 MeetingWorkspace Pages List
300 PortalSites List
301 BlogPosts List
302 BlogComments List
303 BlogCategories List
850 Pages Library
1100 IssueTracking
1200 AdministratorTasks List
2002 PersonalDocument Library
2003 PrivateDocument Library

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