Lost on Sky TV a bit Lost?

I’ve think it may quite possibly be me but, couple of weeks ago we see an episode (can’t remember the name) in which Mr Eko is not seen, but Charlie did make reference to Mr Ecko being duffed up by the black smoke, this was the episode that Locke saves Mr Eko from the polar bear and returns him unconscious to camp.

At the time I thought it was pretty odd cause I hadn’t missed any episodes, anyway last weeks episode see’s Mr Eko back in camp and going with Charlie, Sayid and Locke to the second hatch. While the others go inside, Mr Eko remains outside and is duely beaten up by the smoke and dies.

Either this a episode scheduling error by Sky, or it’s (gasp) a continuity error by the program makers.

Anyway, damn them for rushing out the first few episodes of season 3, only to make me wait for “long time” for the rest!!!

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