Sharepoint WebPart Lifecycle Events

This post describes the lifecycle events of a Sharepoint Connectable WebPart wih a single ViewState backed property; On Page Load Constructor OnInit OnLoad ConnectionConsumer method is called if web part is connectable (sets the connection providers interface in the webpart) CreateChildControls OnPreRender (if your web part is connectable you would typically call the connection provider … Continue reading Sharepoint WebPart Lifecycle Events

BusinesDataListWebPart Bug with Multiple Filter Rows

Using the BDC and the BDC List Webpart, works out well except where you try to add multiple filter rows after having done a postback (Retrieve Data) where there was previously more than 1 filter row. What happens is you get an unhelpful “An unexpected error has occurred”, if you disable Sharepoint custom errors, you … Continue reading BusinesDataListWebPart Bug with Multiple Filter Rows