Using URL Shortening Services from the Client with Javascript

Recently I needed to build URL shortening into a UI for a client – it’s not rocket science but I thought I’d reproduce the code here for posterity.

There are 2 versions; 1 for and 1 for Bitly.

Browser Compatibility & CORS

This does not work work in IE7/8/9 due to CORS issues.  Both Google and Bitly’s URL shortening APIs are exposed via HTTPS.

The use of an XDomainRequest jQuery plugin will not solve this problem if you’re using the Google shortener, as Google requires that the request Content-Type header is application/json whereas XDomainRequest requires that this be text/plain.




  .done(function(response) {
  .fail(function(response) {
    if (response.error) alert(response.error);
  .always(function() {

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