SharePoint: Get the URL of a List or Library

Oddly enough, the SPList object doesn’t have a URL property which gives you the server relative URL of the List.

So, here’s a code snippet to retrieve it.

private static string GetListURL(SPList theList, bool serverRelative)
	var listUrl = theList.DefaultViewUrl;
	if (theList is SPDocumentLibrary)
		var idx = listUrl.IndexOf("Forms");
		listUrl = listUrl.Remove(idx);
		if (listUrl.EndsWith("/"))
			listUrl = listUrl.Remove(listUrl.LastIndexOf("/"));
		var idx = listUrl.LastIndexOf("/");
		listUrl = listUrl.Remove(idx);
	if (!serverRelative)
		var serverUrl = theList.ParentWeb.Url;
		serverUrl = serverUrl.Substring(0, serverUrl.IndexOf("/", 7));
		listUrl = serverUrl + listUrl;

	return listUrl;

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Phil Harding

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