Team, Collaboration and Publishing Features

Shown below is the list of Site and Web scoped features activated by Team, Collaboration and Publishing site definitions.

Site Collection Scope.

C85E5759-F323-4EFB-B548-443D2216EFB5 - Workflow Expiration
02464C6A-9D07-4F30-BA04-E9035CF54392 - Workflow Review
6C09612B-46AF-4B2F-8DFC-59185C962A29 - Workflow Signature
C6561405-EA03-40A9-A57F-F25472942A22 - Workflow Translation
F6924D36-2FA8-4f0b-B16D-06B7250180FA - Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
  Activation Dependencies.
    A392DA98-270B-4e85-9769-04C0FDE267AA - Publishing Prerequisites
    AEBC918D-B20F-4a11-A1DB-9ED84D79C87E - Publishing Resources
    89E0306D-453B-4ec5-8D68-42067CDBF98E - Portal Navigation
    D3F51BE2-38A8-4e44-BA84-940D35BE1566 - Page Layouts and Master Pages Pack
B21B090C-C796-4b0f-AC0F-7EF1659C20AE - Office SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection Features
  Activation Dependencies.
    E978B1A6-8DE7-49d0-8600-09A250354E14 - Site Settings Link to Local Site Directory Settings page
    14AAFD3A-FCB9-4bb7-9AD7-D8E36B663BBD - SharePoint Portal Server Local Site Directory Capture Control
    5F3B0127-2F1D-4cfd-8DD2-85AD1FB00BFC - Portal Layouts Feature
    2ED1C45E-A73B-4779-AE81-1524E4DE467A - Web Part Adder default groups
00BFEA71-1C5E-4A24-B310-BA51C3EB7A57 - Basic Web Parts
7AC8CC56-D28E-41f5-AD04-D95109EB987A - Site Collection Level Search Center Url Feature
8156EE99-DDFB-47bb-8835-7AE42D40D9B9 - Report Center Creation

Web Scope.

99FE402E-89A0-45aa-9163-85342E865DC8 - Office SharePoint Server Standard Site features
  Activation Dependencies.
    E8734BB6-BE8E-48A1-B036-5A40FF0B8A81 - Related Links scope settings page
    56DD7FE7-A155-4283-B5E6-6147560601EE - Portal Analytics Links
    0BE49FE9-9BC9-409d-ABF9-702753BD878D - Slide Library
94C94CA6-B32F-4da9-A9E3-1F3D343D7ECB - Office SharePoint Server Publishing
22A9EF51-737B-4ff2-9346-694633FE4416 - Publishing Web Feature
541F5F57-C847-4e16-B59A-B31E90E6F9EA - Portal Navigation Properties
00BFEA71-4EA5-48D4-A4AD-7EA5C011ABE5 - Team Collaboration Feature (Lists)
  Activation Dependencies.
    00BFEA71-D1CE-42de-9C63-A44004CE0104 - AnnouncementsList Feature
    00BFEA71-7E6D-4186-9BA8-C047AC750105 - ContactsList Feature
    00BFEA71-DE22-43B2-A848-C05709900100 - CustomList Feature
    00BFEA71-F381-423D-B9D1-DA7A54C50110 - DataSourceLibrary Feature
    00BFEA71-6A49-43FA-B535-D15C05500108 - DiscussionsList Feature
    00BFEA71-E717-4E80-AA17-D0C71B360101 - DocumentLibrary Feature
    00BFEA71-EC85-4903-972D-EBE475780106 - EventsList Feature
    00BFEA71-513D-4CA0-96C2-6A47775C0119 - GanttTasksList Feature
    00BFEA71-3A1D-41D3-A0EE-651D11570120 - GridList Feature
    00BFEA71-5932-4F9C-AD71-1557E5751100 - IssuesList Feature
    00BFEA71-2062-426C-90BF-714C59600103 - LinksList Feature
    00BFEA71-F600-43F6-A895-40C0DE7B0117 - NoCodeWorkflowLibrary Feature
    00BFEA71-52D4-45B3-B544-B1C71B620109 - PictureLibrary Feature
    00BFEA71-EB8A-40B1-80C7-506BE7590102 - SurveysList Feature
    00BFEA71-A83E-497E-9BA0-7A5C597D0107 - TasksList Feature
    00BFEA71-C796-4402-9F2F-0EB9A6E71B18 - WebPageLibrary Feature
    00BFEA71-2D77-4A75-9FCA-76516689E21A - WorkflowProcessLibrary Feature
    00BFEA71-4EA5-48D4-A4AD-305CF7030140 - WorkflowHistoryList Feature
    00BFEA71-1E1D-4562-B56A-F05371BB0115 - XmlFormLibrary Feature

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