WSPBuilder: Creating the Deployment Folder

WSPBuilder is a great tool for packaging your SharePoint features and solutions, and being a command-line tool it’s easy to integrate with your CI / Automated Build environment.

One thing which eluded me though was how to create the deployment folder. With the VS add-in UI it’s easy enough of course, in a CI environment you need a command line switch of some kind, or build step.

It could have been done “manually” in a fairly mungy way I’m sure, but I figured there must be a WSPBuilder command-line switch to do it, although I couldn’t find one in any of the documentation. Sure enough there is, I found it looking through the WSPBuilder checkin comments.

"C:\Program Files\WSPTools\WSPBuilderExtensions\wspbuilder" -CreateDeploymentFolder {option}

The option supports the following values;

  • stsadm – for deployment using STSADM
  • wspbuilder – for deployment using WSPBuilder
  • ssi – for deployment using SharePoint Solution Installer
  • all – create all deployment option targets

While I’m on the subject of WSPBuilder, I can’t reccommend it highly enough, if you’re doing SharePoint development give it a try, if for no other reason than the awesome “Attach to IIS Worker Processes” VS Add-in command.

The WSPBuilder VS Add-in UI
The WSPBuilder VS Add-in UI

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