High CPU Utilization by W3WP.EXE when Deploying Feature based SharePoint Content-Types

I’m developing some Site Columns, Content Types and List Templates and packaging them into a feature for deployment. All is well, the feature deploys and activates just fine, but when I click on the Content Types link under Galleries in Site Settings (http://…../_layouts/mngctype.aspx) the browser just chokes and sits there all day. Everything else slows down too so I look at Task Manager and notice that W3WP.EXE is running at around 95% CPU utilization – not good.

Eventually I manage to get the feature deactivated and uninstalled and start looking at my Content Type CAML, nothing looks wrong so I take a look at the CAML for the OOTB Custom List template ( found in …\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\CustomList\CustList\schema.xml ), some time later I notice that the <XmlDocument> tag is missing the NamespaceURI attribute that is present in the Custom List’s version. 

My version:

        <FormTemplates xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/v3/contenttype/forms">

Custom Lists’ version:

    <XmlDocument NamespaceURI="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/v3/contenttype/forms">
        <FormTemplates xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/v3/contenttype/forms">

I make my adjustments, redeploy, activate and so on, and the problem is solved.

Originally I’d exported a template content-type from SharePoint using Andrew Connell’s custom STSADM commands, so I guess his -gencontenttypesxml command misses that bit, still great tools though.

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