Sharepoint/MOSS Deployment, Installation Links

How to install SharePoint Server 2007 on a single machine

Creating New MOSS 2007 Task Using BizTalk WSS Adapter (how to configure the Biztalk WSS Adaptor)

Deploy in a Simple Server Farm (Office Sharepoint Server)

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One thought on “Sharepoint/MOSS Deployment, Installation Links

  1. I have BizTalk(say “a”) and Sharepoint(say “b”) in 2 different machines. I have installed the WSS adapter service also in “b”.
    Im doing a CBR just with the rcv port name and inserting rows in a list. I get the following error when i run my sample:

    “A message sent to adapter “Windows SharePoint Services” on send port “Snd_AddrToWSSList_Port” with URI “wss://a1md01481:9999/Lists/AddressList/AllItems” is suspended.
    Error details: The request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable.”

    When i browsed my BizTalk webservice installed in machine “b” i get the same error- ” Service Unavailable”

    1. The respective app pool is running
    2. Able to browse other web services and web sites in sharepoint without issues
    3. The biztalk account is added to Sharepoint Enabled Hosts and Contributor role also set for the grp.

    What could be reasons and are any other settings required?

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