Religeous Schadenfreude

I’m no fan of religeon, of any description, if strong and explicit anti-religeous sentiments upset you don’t read this post.

Yesterday in the UK a senior elder of the cult of Jehovahs Witnesses, in somerset I think, was effectively let off for committing crimes of paedophilia.

Apparently he cooperated with the police, and admitted his guilt, 2 factors which according to the judge contributed to his lenient non sentance of community rehabilitation.

So it’s not only the Catholics who protect their own it seems, the Jehovahs Witness organisation have so far not made any comment, although it is known that they will not be kicking him out (disfellowshipping him) or turning their backs on him, oh no, they will indeed be supporting him and he will retain a senior position within the cult. 

This is disgusting enough, it’s even more unbeliveable, to think that they would support him, knowing that this person (apparently) baby-sat  and went on holiday with some of the cults own children. This is a person who has never apologised or made repentent noises towards any of the children he abused. This is a person who abused his senior position within the cult to prey on children, this is a person who sexually abused an 18 month old baby.  This person lied in court, blaming his childhood for his present abuse, this is a person without morals or conscience.

His own sister, thinks the “sentance” is dispicable and reprehensible, and that he should well have served time in prison.

So yeah this vitriole is schadenfreude on my part for I have nothing but contempt for religeon, especially ones such as this, who blatently and unashamedly display their hypocracy for the world to see.

Michael Porter I spit on you, if you were on fire in the street, I’d happily pour the petrol on you shit eating scum sucking bottom feeder.

In the final reckoning, I hope I’m wrong and that God does exist, so he can visit upon you his own divine justice.

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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