Restoring my old blogs from WDevs

When I finally realised that WDevs blog site had gone down, I figured that all my old blogs were gone also, however I then remembered that I’d been using SauceReader to blog for some time, and therefore most of my old blogs were saved.

Restoring them here, became a simple matter of copying and pasting from SauceReader. However there where still some that hadn’t been saved in SauceReader, so I decided to look for them using Google. I directed google to search my WDevs blog site for my name and it duly pulled up a list of all my blog entries, clicking on the link was no good as this just directed me to a holding site for WDevs, clicking on the Cached link however revealed the old blog entries I was missing.

Huzzah for Google cache 🙂

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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