Childrens Pole Dancing Kit

Is it me, or does any else find the very notion of a “Childrens Pole Dancing Kit” morally repugnant?

In my opinion, anyone involved in these kinds of products are border-line paedophiles, I mean what kind of person or people could ever think that it’s ok, that it’s fine to produce such a toy – perhaps they rationalise it to themselves that they’re just satisfying a market, that demand is there, which of course is complete bollocks, more like anything for a quick buck.

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

One thought on “Childrens Pole Dancing Kit

  1. Pole Dancing IS a sport. If you really don’t think so, or know so, yet…you have some serious education to catch up on. In the past decade, and especially the last 3-5 years, the number of actual pole fitness/acrobatic pole dance studios has grown over 300% in the US and over 4000% worldwide. Students are getting younger and younger-and classes are geared toward men & women. It’s gymnastics. As a sport, pole dancing is vertical acrobatics…nothing less. The ‘sex’ and ‘stripper’ style poles are found in strip clubs still-with ‘strippers’ on them, NOT pole dancers. We are 2 very seperate entities these days. Pole Dancing has it’s own governing agencies, language, standardization of moves, tricks and levels, as any other sport. It requires an outrageous amount of strength, flexibility, skill and talent to do effectively. It’s not a joke by any means. Like many things before it, pole dancing is in the early stages of developing a look and a respect all its’ own as it becomes more and more understood and mainstream. As long as there are poles, there will still be strippers and gentlemans clubs…but there’s a whole different type of pole dancing in the world that has nothing to do with what goes on in a stripper world. It’s way past time to get over the stereotyped image that if theres a metal pole anywhere near, it has to be sleazy and related to stripping. That’s just NOT the case anymore at all. There’s more than enough resources and legitimate information, competitions, and people out there to educate…but here’s a few great links to get you started-as you prepare to watch the newest Olympic Sport of Vertical Gymnastics-coming sooner than leter-to a living room near YOU! (international Pole dance Fitness Association-a global governing body for pole fitness) (Governing body working toward the Olympic Petition and standardization of terms, levels and policies that will guide competitors in regional, national, world and olympic competitions) (The only global publication for pole fitness-covering events, competitions, performers,and quality studios as well as politics and pole-related stories and products) Free online version here… (hosts and organizers of world pole competitions from over 35 countries that come together for intl championships yearly) (my site-I run a studio in Spokane, Wa and am the CEO/Exec. Administrator of Pole dance Intl Magazine-as well as a pole fitness competitor and intl performer myself)
    hope it helps! Pole athletes are true athletes and we love to share our art & skill with the world!

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