My Jeep Grand Cherokee Immobilizer

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years now, and I love it, with the exception of the brain wobblingly annoying vehicle immobilizer.

This is quite a common fault I believe, it’s a crappy, flakey bug ridden piece of so-called technology.

Like most it links with the fuel pump and ignition, turning them off when activated. Unfortunatley, sometimes, when you deactivate it if forgets to turn either/and/or both the ignition and fuel pump back on.

Strangely, it always remembers to turn the central locking back on, so sometimes the ignition is off but the fuel pump is on, sometimes the ignition is on but the fuel pump is off and sometimes the ignition and fuel pump remain off.

Oh yes, and sometimes the vehicle alarm remains on, blaring each time you open the door.

Very very very annoying.

I’ve seen other people solutions to this ranging from disconnecting the immobilizer completely, shorting out some wires within in the drivers door which requires you take the door panel off.

My solution is much simpler, disconnect the battery completely for a minute or so, reconnect, lock using the fob then unlock and viola. Well at least it’s worked for me the last couple of times.

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Phil Harding

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