Digital Rights Management

This thing just drives me crazy, you can buy a licence to listen to some music but only;

a). on your PC

b). but also on your iPod if you happen to have (or go buy) an iPod

Now your music industry apparatchics will drone on about defending the rights of music owners to be paid for their work, and quite right to – thats why I pay actual cash money for it.

But you know what, if they’re going to treat me like a criminal;

a). Fuck you I’m off to buy an actual CD and I’ll rip the tracks off that

b). Fuck you, I’m not going to buy your music

c). I’ll buy your music then I’ll find a piece of software to write the music to a non-protected form

So music industry big-twits, where does this leave you?

Nowhere is where, you haven’t stopped copyright theft (because if I can do the above, so can your average crim’), and more important you’ve mightily pissed off an actual paying customer.

Published by

Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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