New Experiences

I’m all for new experiences.

For the last unmentionable number of years I’ve kept my hair closely shaved, mostly through laziness, since there is virtually no hair care involved such as regular washing, conditioning, brushing, combing, grooming or styling, and no hair care products to buy.

So a few months ago, during a moment of extra laziness I decided I couldn’t be bothered to shave, yet again, and henceforth my hair has been left to its own devices, and therein lies my new experience.

It is now sufficiently long to waft in the breeze………… is a strange and not altogether unpleasant experience to which I am slowly becoming acustomed, and now while I am in Brussels, which is experiencing raging whoolies, it is blowing about madly with a life of its own, which is amusing since such folical flapping causes a mental check to occur in my head (ahh yes, that is my full head of hair, with narry a bald spot, enjoying a frolick in the wind, go youthful frolicles dance in the wind)

I went shaved initially because I was bored and decided it might be a good idea, then on reflection, I thought it might be a great idea to go shaved because, approaching an age when balding sets in, I would hide symtoms of balding since people who knew me would have got used to “Phil without hair”.

Since I’m now not far off 38, and balding has still not set in I figure its a calculated risk to grow it again, you know, cause I can.

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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