Mundane things to do on a Sunday

So this Sunday was one of those endless teatimes of the soul, and as such, I became fixated on a particularly annoying fly. Naturally I decided to catch it, much like The Karate Kid and Mr Myagii.

But not having any chop sticks to hand I made do with my hand.

After much trial and error, I found the best way to sneak up on a fly is from behind in a lateral plane. Its important to keep any light source in front of you so keep your shadow from alerting said fly, but also you have to keep your profile low, below the plane of the fly, as your approach from behind.

At the last minute, as you are in your catching position, you have to alert the fly by waving, say, on it’s left side, it will then fly off either directly ahead or off to the right side. Whereupon you must pounce, panther like, to grab said fly in your hand.

This may all take some time, but it’s a good exercise in self discipline and single-mindedness.

The Karate Kid, with the aid of a Mr Myagii, managed to catch a fly with chop sticks, which unfortunatley for the fly, killed it.

I say thats rather passe, I managed to catch a fly with my bare hands, without a Mr Myagii, alive and set it free.

All thats left now is for cosmic karma to assert itself, whereupon this fly will come back, vomit on my sandwich and give me food poisioning

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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