Globalisation and the international language of comedy

I watched a Dutch version of Trigger Happy TV this week

Couldn’t understand a word of it…………and it was still obscenely funny. Well I’d obviously watched the UK version with Dom Joly so I liked the format, and that format is essentially visual comedy, so I guess it travels well – when localised, it suits an international audience.

As was the case of the French version of Jerry Springer “com ca se savoir”, slightly better than the Dutch Trigger, I could catch maybe 1 word in 10, but more than enough to get the gist of the “guests” ennui. If you ever watched Jerry Springer and found it amusing then, you’d probably find the French entertaining too! There was one glaring difference though – the white trailer trash on Jerry Springer are just that, on French Jerry Springer however, the white trailer trash are attractive and stylish in a way only the French can be

You see, even when away from your home climes, you can still surround yourself with cozy familiarities, if not something very similar.

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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