Lock em up in the tower

News reaches me today that UK ministerial chimpsgumbys are now considering application of the treason offence in an attempt to prosecute those religeous zealots proselytizing acts of divine martyrdom.

As Monty Burns would say “Aiiiiiirxcellant”

Although, some [with backbones like jelly] are wringing their hands over whether it’s applicable because historically it’s only been applied when the “crime” would endanger the life or interests of the monarchy. Well, there is a point here, whenever you break the law [for both criminal and non-criminal offences] the prosecuting agent is a proxy for “the Queen”. If I’m caught and prosecuted for doing 90mph on the motorway, I’m prosecuted by the Queen or her agents.

Now tell me why treason is any different, personally, it’s so much more materially relevant to the actual offence, that prosecution by the Queen for treason seems totally sane, and it’s already in the statute books.

Now if only they could be locked up in the tower with the crows………..

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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