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Terrorism!    Is religion to blame

Now I’ve no time for religion whatsoever, my view has always been that its caused more and bloodier wars than the poor babelfish ever could, actually I still think that.

But I used to think that terrorism was a cozy bed partner with religion, if you were able to ban or otherwise delete religion, that terrorism would dissappear too.

This is isn’t the case, I think that terrorists are just that……murdering bastards who go around killing anyone who happens to be in the wrong place, because they’re angry at the world, or they can’t get laid, or their mummy didn’t get them the bike they wanted for christmas.

To these kinds of people, religion is a very useful and powerful device which they use to rally others to their cause, in a way, to recruit faithful disciples into carrying out their wishes and spreading their “word”.

Mmmm, I seem to have come full circle here, if we get rid of religion, how else might a potential terrorist recruit his savants? Logic? Reasoned argument? Sane and rational conversation?

I stand by my original point, religion is the root of most evil in the world

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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