We can send men to the moon!

But can we make shoes which are comfortable and don’t cause blisters out of the box? This is a rhetorical question, the answer to which is NO

So today I had to client face, and visit the client of my client. Mmmm is the client of my client my friend .

Anyway, I managed to remeber to bring my whistle n flute, shirt tie, clean underwear etc, but sadly forgot to pack my shoes. Fortuneatly I remembered this minor fact before the shops shut and managed to buy a new pair, thinking that just maybe ther’d be no blisteres, no soreness.

Well I was wrong, and wrong in a big way, within 10 (I kid you not) minutes of walking to catch the train, I felt the first tingles of a nice mummy and daddy of a pair of blisters, who were busy whispering about how nice it would be to hear the patter of lots more little blisters.

A sorry tale you might think, but I had the forethought to buy some blister plasters (of the second skin variety), so as soon as I got to the client’s I excused myself, went to the toilet and applied said plasters. The day went swiftly, if a little painfully, and safely ensconced back at the hotel, I tried to remove the plasters. Well they seem to have perma bonded to the blisters they were supposed to protect and pulling them off burst the blisters

So there we are, and before anyone says, “you should buy decent shoes” I have, I’ve previously bought cheap shoes and expensive shoes, but it’s all the same.

Published by

Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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