Call Centres

So I just had a call from an “offshore” call centre, the operator having some kind of eurasian accent. Normally I would just put the phone down as they rang on my landline, and people who I would want to speak to would call me on my mobile.

But anyway, I decided to play the game and see whats what. As far as I can tell they were trying to sell me a new telephone and mobile package exclusive to British Telecom customers.

Apparently they could save me money on my line rental by paying only £10 per month, which is nice, expecially as I currently pay something like £8. I pointed this out but they remained insistant that I was paying £11 per month, I replyed that I pay the bills so I should know what I pay ( sounds logical 🙂 ) but no, I was paying £11 they insisted.

It went on, and on, over 2 further operators untill eventually I think they realized they weren’t going to get a sale. But I found the whole conversation very difficult because all the operators kept talking over me as I replied, the english accent was somewhat fractured and I really couldn’t grasp any detail of what they were trying to sell and how it would save me money, and to cap it all they kept calling Mr Pillip (note the silent, non-existant h), which I found very disturbing eye-rolling

Anyway, even if I had been interested, the whole sales process would have just turned me off. I wonder just how successful this outsourced selling can be.

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Phil Harding

SharePoint Consultant, Developer, Father, Husband and Climber.

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