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SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 Service Account Requirements

What service accounts do you need for a SharePoint / MOSS Farm installation, or a simple single-server installation on your dev box? The answers are many and varied, and the documentation from Microsoft tends to be hard to read and convoluted to say the least – you really really really have to want to trawl […]

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SharePoint Feature for .NET 3.5 Web.config Changes

Leading on from this post, and this post, I created a SharePoint Solution/Feature combo to update Web Application web.config files with the changes neccesary to support; .NET 3.5 SP1 Ajax Control Toolkit Microsoft Data Vizualization Chart Controls The Web.config changes don’t require that you have Ajax and MSChart installed on your WFE’s so you can […]

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Delete a Folder from a Sharepoint Document Library

This is an update to a post I wrote on deleting list items from document libraries, prompted by a comment made on that post asking how to delete Folder(s) from within a document library. Initially I replied by suggesting the use of the SharePoint object mode, as shown below; SPWeb web = new SPSite(“your site’s […]

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Using the SharePoint SPWebConfigModification Class

I’m working on a feature to provision core dependencies for my applications and tools into the SharePoint environment, which inevitably involves changes to the web.config files on Web Applications across the farm. This post has proved really useful when using the SPWebConfigModification class.

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SharePoint / MOSS and (ASP.NET) Server Side Code

It’s well documented that ASP.NET pages when hosted in SharePoint / MOSS should not include server-side / inline code scripts such as shown below, for various security related reasons. More importantly, SharePoint does not allow such pages to be shown. If you try to run such a page you’ll get shown a “helpful” error messages […]

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