Gotcha When Using the SharePoint Link to a Document Content Type

The “Link to a Document” content type in SharePoint allows you to add URL links to a Document Library, much like you would with a Links List, but in this case you can add a Link item to a document library without having to add a document. The “Link to a Document” content type is […]

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Checking SharePoint Resource Url Serviceability using Javascript and HTML HEAD

Recently when building an app which (amongst other things) rendered links to other pages (created by others), I found I needed to be able to detect whether these other pages/resources actually existed – because people click on links which they can see and HTTP 404 messages are scary right? Although I’m talking about Pages here, the principle […]

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ListData.svc REST Gotcha in SharePoint 2010 / 2013

Came across another Clumsy Ninja SharePoint feature recently concerning the ListData.svc REST API which is found in both SharePoint 2010 and 2013. This issue does not occur if you’re using the new _API REST interface for SharePoint 2013. The issue concerns the list or library name which you use in a REST call; ListData.svc REST Call: […]

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Create Folder Hierarchies for SharePoint Lists and Libraries using Powershell

A small Powershell snippet which will create folder hierarchies within SharePoint lists and libraries Usage

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