Gotcha using Office 365 / SharePoint REST API and ODATA Minimal Metadata

You’ve probably heard that in Office 365 / SharePoint Online, the REST API service now includes support for JSON light responses, meaning that you can vary the style of the ODATA response. Reading that post you’ll notice that the ‘shape’ of the response is also different when using the minimalmetadata or nometadata types; For example, when using […]

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Setting a SharePoint Multi-value Lookup Field value using PowerShell and CSOM

In this super short post I’ll show how to use Powershell and CSOM (Client-side Object Model) to set the value of a multi-value Lookup field column in a list or library. To set the value for a single-value column you just need to set the column value to a FieldLookupValue instance, note that only the LookupId […]

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Gotcha When Using the SharePoint Link to a Document Content Type

The “Link to a Document” content type in SharePoint allows you to add URL links to a Document Library, much like you would with a Links List, but in this case you can add a Link item to a document library without having to add a document. The “Link to a Document” content type is […]

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Checking SharePoint Resource Url Serviceability using Javascript and HTML HEAD

Recently when building an app which (amongst other things) rendered links to other pages (created by others), I found I needed to be able to detect whether these other pages/resources actually existed – because people click on links which they can see and HTTP 404 messages are scary right? Although I’m talking about Pages here, the principle […]

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